Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What do you think of all the amazon freebies?

Amazon has a lot of free books/stories/novellas for kindle.  I personally get them a lot.  I get emails that list the ones these people find.  I think it is great in that I defintiely will try books I might otherwise put on that LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG wishlist.  On the ohter hand, I am not so sure it is good for the authors.  Yes - their work is out there and being reviewed (maybe) finding new exposure.  If it is good I will look for other work by the author.  And on ething I do is when I DO read it, I rate and do a short review on Goodreads which is some exposure.  But it might be a long time before I do read it because I have so many things to read.  Of course my intention is to read every single thing on my kindle AND all those paper books I own too.  I know I cant do it in my lifetime as long as I keep acquiring more.  yet there is so much interesting stuff out there.  More and more authors every day.  Of course, THAT can become overwhelming too. 

So if amazon is making nothing, publishers make nothing and authors therefore make nothing.  That is not good.  So I feel guilt for getting the freebies.  Sort of.  But it doesnt stop me either.




  1. I like it. It allows me to read an author I otherwise would not because their book may have been expensive, especially for an unknown author.

    I feel like I should read all those books that I download for free, but when will I have the time, between the paperback and the e-books I purchased.

    I tried to give up downloading books, but every time I look there was an author I wanted to try and how could I pass up a free book.

  2. I've read some really good freebies and ended up buying more of the author's work so I guess it's a good thing for them.


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