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An Interview with JoAnn Smith Ainsworth

Hi, Pam. Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself and my writings to your readers.


I have written six novels (including the one I’m working on). Two medieval romantic suspense novels, MATILDA’S SONG and OUT OF THE DARK, are published in e-book and print. Two historical western romances recently sold to Whiskey Creek Press and will be released ~summer 2013. My agent, Dawn of Blue Ridge Literary Agency, is marketing the first book of my paranormal suspense series, EXPECT TROUBLE. In it, the U.S. government during WWII hires five psychics to ferret out Nazi spies on the East Coast.


Pam: Would you please tell us about your writing schedule?


I write best first thing in the morning. I wake up about 5:30 a.m. and do forty minutes of exercise. I then set up the laptop on its bed table, power my bed to an upright position, get a pillow to support my back and start writing. I can write 3+ hrs. After that, my brain goes into meltdown. I do my administrative and marketing work (which takes less brain power) during the rest of the day. Writing is strenuous work--so many decisions to be made, constantly.


Pam: Do you currently have a work in progress that has a deadline?


No deadlines as I enter 2013, but I’m expecting two demanding deadlines soon for my recently sold historical western romance series (set in Buffalo, WY, in 1895): POLITE ENEMIES (an action western) and THE FARMER AND THE WOOD NYMPH (a mystery).


Pam: What inspiring words do you have for aspiring authors?

Don’t give up your dream of being published because someone tells you it’s too difficult. I didn’t start writing until a few years before retirement. If being an author is your passion, go for it.


Stay fixed on your goal. Don’t give up when you get knocked down. Abraham Lincoln lost seven elections before he won the election which made him President of the United States.


Pam: It's the holiday season so could you give us a quote that reflects your feelings this time of the year?


My long-time friend, Ursula, who lives across the country from me, wrote in her holiday greeting:  “Always so nice you remember us on Christmas.” This sums up the holiday spirit for me. It’s our time to focus outward and remember others.


Pam: Do you have a favorite holiday memory?


My favorite is when my son was five years old and he got a new red bike for Christmas. The expression of delight on his face was worth every overtime hour I worked.


Pam: What is your favorite movie, meal and dessert? I won't ask your favorite book as I suspect it might be too hard to narrow down to just one.


I enjoy YOU’VE GOT MAIL. I’d like to write light comedy. Have yet to try my hand at it.


Because of allergies, I’m on a restricted diet. I’m off wheat, oats, soy, rye, almonds, peanuts and dairy. Rice cookies are about my only dessert. Fortunately, I love raw veggies, nuts and fruit. I can have plenty of these to nibble on throughout the day.


Pam: Do you have a website? What is the addy so we can get visit?


I created a website even before I sold:


Pam: Do you have favorite blog that you visit?


I hang around Facebook, but with blogs it’s usually what catches my eye.


Pam: In closing what is on your writing agenda for 2013?


I’ll finish writing the second book of my paranormal suspense series, EXPECT DECEPTION, and start the third.


In EXPECT DECEPTION:  Just when her team of psychics thinks they finally have this Nazi spy chase thing under control, Livvy learns that Hitler’s occult designee added black arts and a minor demon to the mix. The U.S. team must ramp up their powers and strengthen their psychic abilities or perish—and perhaps cause the U.S. to lose the war with Germany.


JoAnn Smith Ainsworth Bio



When author JoAnn Smith Ainsworth carried wood as a pre-teen so her Great Aunt Martha could stoke up the iron stove to prepare dinner, she wasn’t thinking, “I could use this in a novel someday.” Yet, the skills she learned from her horse-and-buggy ancestors translate into backdrops for her historical romance and paranormal suspense novels. Believing it’s never too late to create your dream, she resurrected a desire to write when in retirement. Her debut medieval romantic suspense novels, MATILDA’S SONG and OUT OF THE DARK, received 4 stars from RT Book Reviews. She recently sold two historical western romance manuscripts to Whiskey Creek Press, Casper, WY. The novels will be released next summer. JoAnn’s agent is currently marketing a paranormal suspense series.


Among JoAnn’s achievements are:  Chief Clerk of a U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee; a 3 1/2 -mo. trip around the world; B.A. English/Social Science, M.A.T. English/ESL and M.B A. studies; and database administrator for an international law firm. But she’s most proud of becoming an author as a senior citizen.


Visit her website at Follow her on Facebook. Peek in on her life as an author via Twitter.

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