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Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year



To our readers I wish you many blessings. Personally I am happy that 2012 is quickly traveling to the rearview mirror. We lost my mother, our beloved dog, I spent most of the year packing and unpacking my suitcase. I usually don't make New Year's Resolutions and mostly no New Year's goals because I never stick to them. This year is different. Below are my goals (still can't quite bring myself to do resolutions) my thinking is if I look ahead and not behind me I might be happier this year.


I want to cross stitch 13 projects this year. Some are already UFO's that I will finish. There will be small, medium and large projects.


I want to read 75 books as thanks to Terri and her mom I am now the proud owner of a kindle. I am not sure why but this kindle haas made all the difference to my reading. I am reading faster on the kindle than I do with a book in hand. However I will continue to buy and read paper books.


I want to spend more time with my friend Glenda as I feel we both need the reconnection. Speaking of Glenda she did a wonderful thing this year she took me (the day before my mom's memorial service) away from it all and it was probably one of the few times I actually relaxed and had a really good time this year. She spoiled me rotten that day too :) and so of course that helped. LOL


I want to travel less and love more... and these are the most important things that I want to do but there are others.


I want to finish writing at least one book. I say this every year for the past seven but this time it feels more like this is my year not to be waylaid by family events.


Lastly I want to write more book reviews and interview authors for this blog. I no longer have any friends who write and the only connection I have with authors is the interviews and of course our group cozyarmchairgroup.


One goal is a lot more personal as I want to have more faith and less fear.


Okay back right after the first to announce the best books I read in 2012 and with the actual list of cross stitch projects I want to be stitched for 2013.


Happy New Year and please add your own goals, lists etc.....we are always interested in what you are doing and reading.






  1. Love conquers fear. So as you strive towards one goal, another is also being attained.


  2. I've never been big on resolutions either. I usually don't keep them. Worse, it usually turns out that there is something else more important I need to address, and the resolutions end up being irrelevant or trivial. But your idea of goals seem right to me. It isn't something you resolve to do; it is something you aim for. And unlike most resolutions, a goal is flexible. So I like your approach. So my one resolution will be to figure out a few worthy goals.

  3. Thank you for such a nice mention in your blog. We had a wonderful outing that day and I think it did both of us a world of good. We definitely need more of those. Many more.
    Really good blog Pam. Gave me a lot to ponder.
    Yes I agree that goals are much more sensible than resolutions. We take aim and shoot. Sometimes it's not necessary to make the bulls-eye as much as it is it is to keep aiming and shooting. Can't hit the target if you don't aim, right?

  4. And if you miss, you pick up another arrow and try again


  5. Absolutely right Terri. I also think that often times we realize that we've been shooting at the wrong target which is why it never seemed to make the mark. Along the way goals can change and it's okay. Does that make sense?

  6. yes it does. And back to that old saying about what we want is not always what we need as well


  7. So far I am off to a grand start on my goals this week. Today I have to tackle the office and probably the spare room as I have to start going thru all of mother's things. This will take several Fridays and hopefully I am up to the task. My office is a huge mess.