Friday, January 4, 2013

An Interview with Barbara J. Robinson

Pam: Barbara how many books have you written and what genre/s do you write ?
I have four novels published, three inspirational romantic suspense/women's fiction and one YA that both YA and adults enjoy.
Pam: Tell us about your writing schedule.
I'm a morning writer and do my best work then with coffee. For example, yesterday morning I wrote over 5,000 words and this morning I penned over 5,000 words on my WIP Calm Before the Storm. The coffee had me perking.
Pam: It's 2013 what are your writing goals?
First, to complete Calm Before the Storm, then extend a short story into a novella. I have other novel ideas waiting in the wings, and I hope to write at least two to three more novels this year. Last year kicked off with Southern Superstitions in January, then Whispering Cypress, and finally, One Rainy Summer in October.
Pam: Pick one of your main characters and tell us what they might say about their creator?
June from Southern Superstitions would say her creator is hardworking just like her and doesn't like to put off until tomorrow what she can get done today. She writes more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at and June never knew what to expect next or where her fictional life would lead, but above all her creator has faith to see her through and does not worry about superstitions.
Pam: What writing advice do you have for novice writers?
Read as much as you can in the genre you wish to publish. Write the book you'd like to read. Write every day. Join a critique group. You'll learn more from working with one than from expensive classes. Don't give up. The more you write, the better you'll get, and the more you read, the better you'll get. Also read some writing books by authors such as Donald Mass and Les Edgerton.
Pam: Okay now for some fun questions. What is your favorite tv show, movie, books, meal and dessert?
My favorite TV show is "Touched by an Angel." My favorite movies are the Sherwood movies. Loved them all, especially Fireproof . My favorite book is the Bible, because I personally know the author. Another favorite book is Walden by Henry David Thoreau.
Pam: Where would you like to vacation?
A cabin in Tennessee or Grand Isle, Louisiana.
Pam: Who gave you the best writing advice you ever received and what was it?
Eva Marie Everson, my writing mentor with Christian Writers Guild. She told me I had what it took, and I believed her and kept writing.
Pam: In closing what would you like to say to your readers? Do you have a website or blog we can visit?
I'd love to thank my readers and fans because without you there'd be no reason for me to write. You inspire and encourage me with your love and support. I love hearing from you. Thanks to the many who've supported me and reviewed my novels. Visit me at http://barbarajrobinson.blogspot.comand sign to follow to be eligible to win free books during giveaways. I'm also on Facebook. I'm thrilled to participate in this interview which has allowed me to connect with others, and I look forward to meeting new reader and writer friends. Thank you for your support.
I forgot to mention that Last Resort will release as a paperback in February and is in the January edition of Southern Writers Magazine. All my novels are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Sony, and as well.

B. J. Robinson
LAST RESORT, July 2011
Inspirational Romantic Suspense by Multi-published, Award-Winning Author
Desert Breeze Publishing


  1. Thank you Barbara!

    I wish you a great year and look forward to reading your books!


  2. Thanks for the interview. I had such fun, and I'm looking forward to connecting with new readers. Blessings, BJ

  3. I really enjoyed this interview. Great questions and I learned a few news things about one of my favorite authors. :) Looking forward to reading Calm Before the Storm.

    1. Thanks, Rita. I have it about half finished :)

  4. Barbara,
    You are a very interesting and hard working author. Thank you so much for the interview.

  5. I always try to read author interviews when I can, particularly if it's an author in my circles. It's always interesting to get a glimpse of who my fellow authors are and how they tackle their writing. Was great to get to know you better in this interview, Barbara. Now I know why I don't see you much in the social media platforms in the morning (:

  6. Thanks anonymous and J. P. In the mornings, I'm usually working :) Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my interview. Blessings, BJ

  7. Lovely interview, and lovely to get to know you better Barbara.

  8. Thanks for visiting Sheila, and I'm happy to get to know you better, too. Blessings, BJ

  9. BJ Robinson is one of my favorite authors!! :D She writes engaging, exciting stories that share God's love--she's the best!

  10. Thanks Valerie :)


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