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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Due or Die - Jenn McKinlay



A Library Lover's Mystery Series

ISBN: 978-1-61173-400-3


Lindsey Norris  is the Library Director of the Briar Creek Public Library in Briar Creek, Connecticut. When Carrrie Rushton's husband is murdered Lindsey becomes her biggest champion. Carrie is the newly elected President of Friends of The library. Lindsey and her craftnoon Club members put down their fiction books to solve a murder that may end up the death of all of them.

Accidents can happen but first Lindsey is almost a hit and run victim. Then she and two of her friends are locked in a storage shed after a fire.

The biggest mystery of all might her wanna be beaux  Captiain Sully and another admirer Edmund who is the ex president's nephew. Both men have their attributes and when a dog comes into Lindsey's life she thinks maybe Heathcliff is the best man of all except at first it took a littler persuading to convince her Heathcliff was going to be a keeper. 

A snowstorm hits and after one mushap leading to another mishap each more deadly than the last Heathcliff has not only a place to live but a permanant place in Lindsey's heart. 

If only men and murderers could be read as easily as a good book.

DUE OR DIE by Jenn McKinlay is everything you want in a cozy mystery. I will continue with this series and I hope you will love the characters as much as I have loved them.

I give this book 9 out of 10 stars.



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