Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This Week:

Do you pay attention to fashion? Do you read fashionable mysteries? Such as maybe Ellen Berryman? What about our First Lady's Gown last night? Of course I love to wear the color red so any red dress I pay close attention to and I loved her gown.

Since I was five I have loved red shoes and slippers. Proof of this is Dorothy's shoes in The Wizard Of Oz and I will say I never missed that movie. My grandmother and I would watch it every year together.

Anyway I like the classic look but I also love big and bold jewerly and clothes. Red and black are my favorite color combinations. I also adore yellow and black (as long as it's bold) and for me light blue is my pastel color. I adore pinks in all shades but the bolder the better also with black or white.

Now I admit that handbags are my most fun thing to shop for because I just love them and think that often they make the outfit.

Tell us your color combinations and thoughts. What about jewerly and hats? Of course I love both but don't own many hats.... Scarves I would love to add more of them as I own two...LOLOL




  1. I absolutely love fashion - love Ellen's books and magazines such as Marie Claire, Bazaar and People Style Watch and In Style.

    Also addicted to Project Runway and looking forward to new Team season starting this week. Speaking of which, congrats to Anthony Ryan for winning All Stars!

    As for my personal style -- morphs with my moods. Loved my punk days and all the experimentation I did. Like classic elegance but also edgy twists. My favorite accessories are necklaces. I tend to break or lose bracelets a lot. Have tons of statement jewelry as well as crystals and healing stones, funky fun pieces (Tardis, Weeping angels). Never can seem to get scarves to do what I want and stay in place but I love them. A fantasy would be a Hermes one.

    Then there are shoes. LOVE them. Kate Spade's sandals in summer for one.

    But the problem with middle age is the really fun vintage pieces seem to only be found in smaller sizes. Grrrr... BTW - if you ever meet Ellen Byerrum - she dresses in the BEST vintage clothes! She has the eye.

    I could go on about fashion forever - I see it as art and the body as a canvas. But I still can just be comfy in sweats - I am not that serious. LOl


  2. When it comes to jewerly watches are my favorite thing. I also adore earrings and rings. Necklaces are hard for me as I have very few chains that are long enough.


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