Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: The Callahan Chronicles by Spider Robinson

Theis collects three of Spider Robinson's books about Callahan's Place.  Callahan's is an unusual Long Island bar where patrons share the joy and the pain of the people that cross it's threshold.  Each tale spins very interesting charachters (MOST of whom are human) and their lives, loves, and adventures.Spun with lots of humor, some irreverance and often a kick in the pants about the human condition, one never knows what to expect from one tale to the next, but one can be insured that they will be entertained.  From his stories, Callahan's Place has taken on mythical properties on the web, inspiring fan fiction and the creation of wanna be Callahan's.  It is beyond a place you go where everyone knows your name, it is a family where everyone loves you.

Listened to this on audio - a thoroughly great production, kudos to the narrator!


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