Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pam's Goals



I saved my finish writing projects for last because I really wanted to give it the serious consideration it deserves.


My goal (and this will be around my chronic illness) is to finish writing the cozy mystery "STITCH ME A MURDER"

My second goal is to write three short stories that are either detective or mystery.

My third goal is to finish writing and researching the book I started early last year that is a detective novel titled "GET OFF MY CASE".

MY fourth goal is to finish the novel I started writing three years ago titled "SUNFLOWERS" this story is about three sisters.


My writing schedule will be Monday thru Thursday from 11:00 am to 1:00 in the afternoon then breaking for lunch between one and two. Back at my writing until 4:30 every day. I no longer can sit at the computer  eight hours a day and my eye doctor says I need plenty of breaks from the computer. I also have been having back problems for the past six months so I figure this an acceptable schedule.


Weekends: Will be for my cross stitch projects and reading is every night at bedtime. I might cross stitch during the week in the evenings but it's nothing you can count on due to shopping, housework and my children call home on their way home from school or work.

I want to take Fridays as time to work on the office (it has become more storage than office) and the spare bedroom which is currently host to all my mother's things. So plenty of sorting, tossing, finding a good home for things. I wil also take Fridays for getting together with friends and making my own personal calls.

Early mornings will be for email, housework and laundry. My best ME time will be sitting with my pet Pepper as we watch THE PRICE IS RIGHT together (LOL) and I can just veg.


This is not a perfect schedule and I left it loose enough that I don't fill up every minute of the day.

Now today starts my schedule although I won't be firm about it until Monday...




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