Thursday, March 28, 2013

To Drink or not to Drink?

To Drink Or Not To Drink:


What is your favorite soft drink? Do you drink as much of it as you used to? If not what has replaced your favorite drink? Do you think the taste of soft drinks has changed over the years from the original verison?


I am a pepsi lover and with being a diabetic this is probably a bad deal. I do not drink diet drinks but I do drink water and tea (both ice and cold) I also have a rootbeer then and now. I do think the taste of soft drinks have changed over the years.


Are you addicted to soft drinks? I might be although I have to think I am more addicted to that morning cuppa flavored coffee. I would like to be a grown up and say that I am not addicted to anything but that would be a lie. LOLOL however I have learned that all things in moderation is a good thing.


Diabetes teaches us portion control. I like this idea a lot and while I no longer binge or snack to excess I do need to binge a little on excercise. Do you excercise on a regular basisi? I am back into a walking routine.


Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and boy am I a little nervous because I haven't been to the doctor in six months. I know I have put on weight and have been a slug this winter. Our nasty winter hasn't done me any favors but also bad habits and lack of sleep isn't helping either. I figure a change of meds or change up of how much I take is in order. My doctor moved a year ago and then while in Blue Springs I went to a new doctor. Then tomorrow I will see the doctor my husband goes to and while I have met her and know she is a size 2 it will be interesting to hear what she thinks of my health.


So to bring today's topic home I suspect I will have to cut out pepsi....LOL




  1. I also love pepsi but don't drink near as many soft drinks as I used to. Probably average 1 a day. And it has changed tastes. For a while, Walmart was selling traditional flavor pepsis and that was really cool for a change.

    I won't drink diet sodas. Hate the flavor of artificial sweeteners. Plus I do agree it is about moderation.

    Mostly I drink teas and water.


  2. I'm not a soda drinker anymore, but I do indulge in a Sprite when I have it mixed with cranberry juice. I prefer hot chocolate or Sweet tea. I'm suppose to drink water, but I forget sometimes. Like you, I'm dreading my doctor visit.


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