Monday, April 15, 2013

Cross Stitch Update

I am trying to quit smoking today. This means that cross stitch is on my mind. I started a new cross stitch project over the weekend. I wanted something with whole stitches, not a lot of color changes and that wasn't too large. My theory is that if I keep with it I might actually have a finish.

So I started a "Canterbury Design" title Washday Again. It's a Silhoeutte Design so no color changes.

The problem....I am already lost in the leaves. Since I am quitting smoking I refuse to go back nine leaves and frog. Yeppers I am off to a rip roaring start this week. LOL

What  frustrates you about your hobby or projects? I also have no clue when I finish this design what I will do with it. LOL

I say it's Monday all the way as we are having rain.

Today will be interesting.



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