Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: Game Drive by Marie Moore

Game Drive by Marie Moore is the second book in the “Sydney Marsh” mystery series. Publisher: Camel Press, April 2013


Sidney Marsh is a Mississippi-born, New York-based travel agent. She and her best friend and business partner, Jay Wilson, are struggling to remain standing in a world where the ground is shifting. Their boss at Itchy Feet Travel has a new scheme to attract customers–safari tour packages. He sends Sidney and Jay on a familiarization trip to Cape Town and safari country to check out the accommodations and confirm that the experience lives up to the hype in the brochures.


Sidney’s looking forward to a deluxe dream of a trip and so is Jay, despite the fact that he is deathly afraid of animals, both wild and domesticated. Their experience will be far wilder than either could have imagined. First Sidney stumbles upon a suspicious rendezvous and possible murder scene in Cape Town. After Sidney’s pocket is picked on a cable-car ride up Table Mountain, she suspects that someone in their group is an imposter, a suspicion that is soon confirmed. At Leopard Drive–the luxury game lodge near Kruger National Park that serves as their base camp–one of the other agents on the “fam trip” turns up dead.


Sidney carries on a risky flirtation with a handsome Afrikaner, who may or may not be the latest manifestation of the “Marsh Curse,” which seems to jinx her every relationship. And Sidney and Jay discover that they have far more to fear from predatory humans than wild animals.


Sydney and Jay are off to South Africa to check out a new tourist destination for their travel agency and once again, Sydney stumbles upon an incident and as they say, “trouble follows” in this fast moving drama where danger lurks around every corner in Africa’s natural wildlife habitat. This is a great read that will have all your senses on alerts as this page-turning tome propels you on a journey of suspense and intrigue. The author knows how to keep me interested by creating a well-crafted mystery that kept me guessing throughout most of this story with some surprises that I didn’t see coming. With a vividly picturesque landscape as the backdrop and surrounded by a great supporting cast, this safari mystery adventure is an amazing ride and I’m looking forward to their next expedition from this terrific series.






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