Monday, August 12, 2013

Barbara Mertz - RIP

I was saddened to see that amazing author Barbara Mertz (AKA Barbara Michaels AKS Elizabeth Peters) had passed away.

I first discovered her work, when I discovered Amelia Peabody.  (under the name Elizabeth Peters) I was drawn to the idea of a spunky Victorian lady excavating tombs in Egypt.  So, I picked up The Crocodile on the Sandbank and devoured it.  Ms. Mertz made it all seem alive (of course it helps that she was an Egyptologist, but she also had a skill for characters.  Amelia and Emerson are one of my favorite mystery couples.  And if you have never had the chance to read this wonderful book or series, Amazon has it discounted on kindle for the moment.

19 books in all, the series is worth checking out.  It is iconic and Malice Domestic even created The Amelia Peabody award for it. 

But, just talking about her Elizabeth Peters, nom de plume, she also had the Vicky Bliss series (starting with Borrower of the Night) and Jacqueline Kirby (starting with The Seventh Sinner).  Of THAT series I have to Mention Die for Love which is set at a romance novelists convention and I found very fun and funny.  And then quite a few stand alone novels...

And under the name Barbara Michaels, she also wrote many more novels - often very gothic in mood and settings.  The Dancing Floor was a favorite of mine.

I have not even checked out her non-fiction Egyptian history books under her own name yet.  Though I imagine they would be worth it.

Ms. Mertz was a prolific and wonderful writer and she will be missed by fans all over the world.



  1. I think for me - Ms Mertz was an author who truly spoke to me. I especially loved Amelia. She was a woman who absolutely could make me laugh out loud. She will be missed, at least by this reader.

  2. I loved reading her series about the Peabody couple and son. I did not know she wrote so many other books. Thank you for informing me. She will be missed.


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