Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Morning Bloggers

Today is a beautiful day in Kansas. What are your Labor Day plans for this year? I hope all my writer buddies take Labor Day off as I feel we work hard and deserve a break.

Tell us what you are reading today? Mine is easy I am reading on my kindle Hanging Hannah by Evan Marshall and last night I started DEATH OF A PEER by Ngiao Marsh.

It's Monday and my mind is already working overtime on what to pack for our weekend in Blue Springs. I am thinking about leaving my laptop home. Just concentrate on family this weekend. We will see if I do or not since I also can't stay away from email. LOL

Are you obsessed with email or facebook? How about twitter?





  1. May be obsessed with email but not facebook or twitter.

  2. Facebook keeps me up to date and in contact with friends from all over.


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