Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Crushing Crystal by Evan Marshall


Evan Marshall

Cozy Mystery Series


Crystal Ryerson is a horrible person. However she is the sister of Jane's nanny so Jane let's Crystal move in with them. Jane can't help feeling elated when Crystal FINALLY finds her own place. Crystal also goes to work at the public library and all seems a little better.

That is until Crystal causes endless trouble and problems for anyone and everyone she can and she doesn't care. Florence can't see what her sister's real personality is and even though Jane can't stand the woman when she is killed by fallen book shelves in the backroom of the library Jane finds herself promising Florence that she will look into the death of Crystal.

At first thought to be an accident it doesn't take long to discover that this was no accident. Then when another person goes missing, another is murdered Jane must find out who is doing these awful things.

From the high school to the mayor's office Jane is not winning friends but she is determined to know the real truth of why Crystal died.

CRUSHING CRYSTAL is a great mystery that involves fun characters and is pure entertainment to read.

Evan Marshall has penned a great series and Jane is a wonderful sleuth.


Pamela James

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