Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review - Sorrows by Donna Fernstrom

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  • Jay is a newly made vampire.  The vampire who kidnapped him, tortured and abused him, scarring his psyche.  Jay is damaged and fragile and hungry and is found by a group of vampire law enforcement where he is taken in.

    When I say Jay is damaged, I mean really damaged.  Great fear and guilt.  Barely able to feed without a meltdown. Sometimes despite sympathy, I was really annoyed with him.  And yet I still wanted him to get better.

    There is a lot of world building in the book as well, Rael Shaa (werewolf like companions), dimensional travel, Mages.  This is the part that really intrigued me and left me wanting more.

    The horrors of the evil vamp and his victims were intense as was the scene when they caught up with him.  There were a lot of elements that came together nicely for me, despite an intense to shake Jay and some of the vamps who were supposed to be helping him.  But I was totally engaged in the story and that is what I loved.


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