Friday, November 15, 2013

Dead or Alive



Today I am thinking about all the jobs people do that nobody else wants to do....I started out with the usual such as housekeepers. Cab you imagine some of the things they have had to clean? Or some of the people they have cleaned up after? I moved to garbage collector especially on frigid or hot days.  How about the person who has to style hair, wigs hair pieces for the dead? Now this led my thought process to those who have to dig the graves.


Follow me for a minute as I then became the writer that I am. Because somebody has to mow the lawns at the cemetery. I used to live next door to a tombstone business. By this I mean that the retired gentleman used to open his shop and make headstones for the families of the dead. I was twelve when we lived next door to this place and you guessed it my bedroom window faced the side of his business. Of course then I went to bed and had nightmares every night. Now I see it for the goldmine for my imagination.  Come along with me as my imagination starts to work overtime.


It occurred to my what if...side when I moved to thinking about yet another profession for the dead. What about a personnel shopper for the dead? The family and of course this would be mostly affluent families would hire someone to personal shop for the eternity outfit. A last tribute and send off. She or he would be paid well and what if the dead person doesn't like the eternity outfit?


The personnel shopper could be haunted by the dead person until she makes it right. Can you imagine her digging up a coffin and getting caught? How would you explain.  " I'm being haunted?" Or what if she is truck from behind and wakes up in the dead woman's clothes? Her clothes are gone and the coffin is empty.


Now you know how my mind works.



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