Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today let's talk about books that have series. I want to see some of my favorite mystery series on the big screen or on television.  First and foremost I want would love to see Carolyn Hart's Max & Annie bookstore mysteries made into a series of movies. I don't think we have enough bookstore mysteries and these would make an endearing addition. Speaking of bookstores and movies what about the bookstore mysteries that have a ghost in them? Wouldn't that be great fun to watch?


I'm not done with my Hollywood and television wishlist of movies and series shows. I want to see Monica Ferris's stitch shop mysteries. I have to see Goddy in a series an Betsy. This would also probably recruit more readers and stitchers by way of plots and characters. Of course I can't leave out Lorraine Barrett's and Lorraine Bartlett's Series. The booktown series just makes want to grab a snack and start watching. Then the Victoria Square Series has my heart and what a great premise for Hollywood.


Now while I am dreaming I am dreaming of EJ Copperman's ghost series. I actually think this would make a great family movie/s series. They could come out once a year. You couldn't ask for a nicer author except maybe Jeff Cohen shusssh don't tell EJ I said that.


BTW backing up for a minute. It's Carolyn Hart's series that gave me the writing inspiration. When the late Monette Cummings gave me my first Carolyn Hart Mystery I wanted to write like her when I grew up. BUT when I grew up I found Lorraine's booktown series and I literally sat down and cried because I KNEW she had my gratitude for writing this series. (It came at a very bad time in my life) and I will forever be grateful she penned this series.)


Historical fiction/mysteries have come a long ways. I love love love Carola Dunn's Series. I also can't brag enough about Emily Brightwell's Series. Mrs. Jefferies makes me want to time travel back be a part of that household. Of course I can't leave out Kerry Greenwood because her series actually is a tv series. At least by way of Netflix and I have devoured them.


I would love to add to my wishlist the Joanne Fluke Mysteries but I don't think they would sit well time after time with  viewers because of the love triangle. It does get on everyone's nerves and all of the books later I don't rush to buy the next one anymore. This is my blog for today. What does and doesn't work for me.



  1. These would all be great series if done right.

    And I really want to watch the Phryne Fisher series at some point.

    And I agree on the love triangle in the Fluke books, it was annoying me after a while reading them...


  2. I would like to see them as well as the Mrs. Pollifax series, M.M.Kaye's Death in series, and Dorothy Dunnett's Johnson Johnson series. I'd never leave home then. LOL

  3. Mrs. Pollifax would be good. Terri I know you will love Phryne they do cross over very well as series mysteries. They don't limit her surroundings either one of my favorites takes place on a train.

  4. Love your list of books to movies


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