Monday, November 25, 2013

My First Thanksgiving

Dear Readers,


I thought I would tell you about my first Thanksgiving at my husband Frank's family dinner:


Now they have a very large family and I was Frank's second wife so long before me the holiday meals had a certain flow to them. Apparently they call around and ask you what you want to bring because everyone makes dishes etc... for the meal. At that time some of them had bigger homes and little children and of course the grandparents, great grandparents and some cousins, aunts, uncles plus various friends always come to Thanksgiving Dinner.


Now usually someone like Frank's mother and sister would make the turkey, stuffing, hams and a sister-in-law was famous for her rolls. So when I was asked what I wanted to bring and knowing how I loved to bake. I wanted to impress them with my culinary skills. (My first husbands family either took us out to eat or we ate at grandma Jenny's house), my own mother would bring things but grandma Barker always had the honors of cooking and most of it was done prior to our arrival.)


Back to wanting to do something different from my regular baking I said I would bring all the pumpkin pies. When my husband found this out he asked me "Pam are you sure you want to try to bake these pies?" I said of course it can't be hard and I love pumpkin. He smiles and I was in my moment. So baking day comes along (keep in mind Frank and I were on a tight, tight budget) anyway I went to the store bought several cans of pumpkin and I some ready made pie shells. (This to me was homemade). I took my pumpkin pie filling home and my ready made pie crust passing up the store bakery with my nose in the air. I just knew I would wow them all with my pies. What could go wrong?


Well I open the can's prebaked the shells, let them cool dumped in the pumpkin pie filling and viola I baked them for another fifteen minutes. Pulled them out and loaded them in my Tupperware carriers and off we went to Thanksgiving Dinner.


Well my brother in-law cut a slice of my pie and made a face most people reserve for lemons....and asked loudly, clearly "Who baked these pies." I answered and now I let Frank make anything he wants because I am not ever allowed to bring the pies again. I had not added any spices, the pies had shrank away from the shells quite a bit and I took a taste of my pie that day because I thought his relatives were creating drama. Pretty sure I had lemon face too!! Now days I bring Frank.....LOL

So if you have a member of the family who is not a cook tell them this story!


  1. My mom once made pumpkin pie with box mix pie crust. It was for two pies so the crust was double thick. Even the dog wouldn't eat it.


  2. Terri,
    I love your mother. I wouldn't have fed mine mind to the pets. LOL


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