Friday, November 22, 2013

The Weekend

Hi Everyone,


On my end Thanksgiving plans are still up in the air. LOL I do know Melissa's family is staying home and she is fixing a Thanksgiving feast for them. Now for a little chuckle she told me about what she told her husband (Travis) she told him she was going shopping for a ham and all the rest that they like for Thanksgiving. Melissa hates turkey so she told Travis (because he loves turkey) that if he wanted her to fix a turkey. He would have to go to the store and pick out a turkey (and here's the chuckle) he needed to pick one out that came with instructions. LOLOL.


I figure she will be calling her dad for his stuffing recipe (he keep all recipes in his head). Proof of this is that for years the girls wanted to know his cheese dip recipe. He always just smiled and acted like he didn't hear them. (Frank acts like this a lot.) LOL Anyway, Mishell made a special trip over to our house after work this week to get his cheese dip recipe. This came about because our granddaughter Hailey who is a sophomore in high school put her foot down and said.


"Mom your cheese dip is NOT as good as grandpa's and I want grandpa's cheese dip tonight. Okay are you all ready for this? Well kept secret for years as I didn't even know. He doesn't like people in the kitchen when he cooks.


It's one can of Campbells Fiesta Cheese Soup, one can of Campbell's Cheddar Cheese Soup and Velveeta boxed cheese. Melt and serve. You can add hamburger if you want nachos.



All these years this was the well kept secret and it took a granddaughter's wish to get it out of him.


Mishell texted later and wanted to know if you add milk. He said NO it will make it too thin. BUT you can add milk after it's been out and thickened a while so it won't make it so thick!



So to answer my own question my weekend plans are to try to cross stitch. I KNOW I will read and to try to worm a recipe or two out of Frank and I think if Melissa asks for his stuffing recipe because Chase loves it I might be able to pull this off. LOL





  1. I think this is a wonderful story and one that will be told and remembered at all the holidays.....Thank you for sharing, hugs Skye

    1. Thanks Skye you just never know the power of grandchildren. LOL

  2. Hope your granddaughter enjoyed the cheese dip, it sounds simple but scrummy. Enjoy your weekend x

  3. Love it. My plan is to first write up my guest post and then do some reading. I really need to get back to quilting.


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