Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's Eve



I hope everyone will have a good and safe New Year's Eve and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I am glad for the most part my holiday is behind me. We will order in pizza tonight but nothing planned after that. of course I will probably order a couple of cozy mysteries with my kindle gift card my daughter got me for Christmas. So that will be fun.

I have to try and find some small gift bags today and finish some belated Christmas Shopping. By tonight I doubt I will watch the ball drop. if I have a nap maybe...or if I am cross stitching then again maybe.


My house is a mess since husband has been home all week. We started out great but New year's Day I will probably be working on this house. This is so I can get back to writing my book on Thursday since Frank goes back to work Thursday and Friday. He has the weekend off and next week will be a full week.

Now this isn't to day that he hasn't worked in one fashion or another all of this past week almost every day. He drives a wrecker and so he gets called out at all hours. Even for unlocks, changes of flat tires and then people who have accidents and abandoned cars.

This year how was your holiday?

I hope 2014 treats all of us better. I pray mine won't be so drama filled. On one of our reading groups someone asked what is your word for 2014. I think I should have said progress as I want to be progressive this year. I also need local friends so I think I am going to try to arrange to start a local cross stitch and hand stitching group. Maybe thru our local library. See if they will put it in their newsletter.

Happy New Year,


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