Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review: Amelia 1868 by Janet Kay

Rose leaves her fiancé at the altar and takes off on the road with her dog Lucky, trying to find something to soothe her restless spirit.  Finally ending up in Virginia City, Montana she settles in with a job at the local library doing research for a book with Paul DuBois.  He also has an interest in paranormal activity and after experiencing local ghosts, she becomes obsessed with the ghost who was known as Amelia 1868.  She begins to communicate with Amelia and past and present mix up for both her and Paul as past events are being replayed.

The history was fascinating and showed a love of the subject. The raw emotions of both Rose and Paul as they try to understand the intense feelings they have as Rose tries to discover the truth of Amelia's story are gripping, but at times I want to slap them both.  I like the paranormal elements that are left open to interpretation by the reader.  I found the ending very satisfying and felt the journey was complete.


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