Friday, December 13, 2013

Many Topics

Many topics:


I hear that a lot of people spend over one hundred dollars for jeans. Now there is a store that will rent used jeans to you for a price. Okay well let's see I kinda think my jeans fit the shape of my butt. So having said that then there are those people who go commando? I don't think I want to rent expensive jeans that somebody else wore then return them for someone else to rent them after I wore them!


I know we give our clothes away to charity all the time. I still think that renting jeans is  bad idea. Any thoughts on the subject?


Moving along to a different topic:


I was watching an episode of "What NOT To Wear on the TLC channel the other day. They were helping a woman get rid of her clothes. On this show they clean out your closet (you may plead your case on a few pieces) then they give you a 500.00 card to shop for new clothes. They have a few ground rules. Anyway on the episode the woman had sweaters, turtlenecks and tops on her bed. Also had a other clothes in the closet etc...I am happily amused until they started throwing out the clothes on the bed. I kidd you not...there were two of my turtlenecks on that bed and one sweater!!!

Two things were Christmas themed and they told her to grow up. Okay well........I didn't know we were no longer approved to wear Christmas turtlenecks.


Moving along they did a fabulous job on her new clothes, hair and makeup. I wonder though what I will wear this Christmas!


Another topic: My daughter had some very close friends. Well one of her two main friends fired another friend Kristine for lying to her. Okay moving along Lindsay told Melissa that she had now moved her up to best friend statics number one. Melissa was fine with that but Melissa gets a call at work the other day.


Lindsay calls to say that she has criteria for Melissa being her best friend. She tells her she is going to be needy for a while. That it is expensive being her best friend and they need to get together often. Any thoughts on this one? I happen to know said and she is definitely a outspoken, fun and funny. However my daughter was a little taken aback. LOLOL

I am hoping she wasn't serious but Melissa thinks she really was serious.

Anyway at least she didn't want her to sign a friendship contract?


Other topic: How about this weather? I am ready to move past it and since it's only December I don't think I will get my wish.


How are you doing with the Christmas Shopping? I am excited I will get to do some of mine over the next couple of days.


Is your tree up and what is your tree topper this year? If you are Jewish tell us about your holiday traditions in your family?


Last but never least: What was your favorite Christmas gift as a child? No surprise mine was a chatty Cathy Doll. LOL I am lonely for her even now!





  1. I personally cant find a pair of jeans that fit. I gave up and wear sweats or leggings or cotton pants. They rent all sorts of clothes, not something I would necessarily want to do. But think of men and rental tuxes. spills, drunken behavior, who knows what bodily fluids. Ick. IMHO


  2. It's so hard to find a good pair of jeans. Renting them, yuck.

    If there are rules to being a BFF, then I don't want it.

    My little tree is up, but now I have to move it since I got new Christmas cards.


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