Monday, December 23, 2013

Review: Death by Surprise by Carolyn G Hart


Author Carolyn Hart

One of the Carolyn Hart Classics


Carolyn hart Orginally penned this book in 1983. I am not going to try to do a traditional review today.

Instead I will say that DEATH BY SURPRISE reads like a cross between a detective novel, a legal thriller and a traditional mystery with a flair for noir.

The main character K.C. Carlisle grew up rich and her cousin Kenneth Carlisle also grew up well off. Both cousins are now lawyers. Kenneth is a well off lawyer and K.C. works as a lawyer on the storefront and pretty much takes most any case that happens across her desk.

However the woman who walks into all their lives Francine Boutelle, is trouble for of the Carlisles. She tries to blackmail K.C. or she will tell what she knows about K.C.'s late father. Soon there are enough skeleton's falling out of the closet that it's no wonder Francine Boutelle is found dead and of course it's murder.

However they arrest Kenneth for the murder and K.C. doesn't think he did it. Soon she investigates Francine Boutelle's past an present.

There are plenty of suspects with no alibi's and even more twist and turns. With every turn of the page you wonder what will be a lie and what will be a fact.

Carolyn Hart writes with character and shadows long and short shadows but always there in the back of your mind you know there is something else yet to be discovered.

DEATH BY SURPRISE by Carolyn Hart is sure to snag your attention.


Pam I give this one *******

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