Thursday, February 20, 2014

An Update from Pamela

Good Morning,

So I am still stitching on the sampler. Although I only have the pie, the eggs and basket plus the rest of the utensils in the crockery left to stitch. The end is in sight. I will still have more backstitching to do as I go along. I have kept up on the backstitching.

How is life going for all of you? What books are you reading this week? I have to say I am sooo excited for our blog this month. I adore heavenandearthdesigns and we are having at least two of  the designers interviewed on our blog. I am hoping for more than the two designers but these two are my so far my favorite designers.

Then there is Duffy Brown who has a great cozy mystery series and so much more for our blog this month!

Now for today's schedule. of course more cross stitch, light laundry and doing dishes. Tonight I am not sure what I will make for supper.....might be grilled cheese again.

I admit I am feeling a little antsy and stressed today. I think spending a week indoors is the problem but there is still snow and ice out there. However it should hopefully melt tomorrow or by the next day and then maybe I can get out and about which will be good. I am trying to quit smoking so I could stand to get out of this house.

I don't know if I mentioned but I finished reading Cloche and Dagger in the past few days. This was the first in the series by Jenn McKinlay. I love the whole premise for the series. Frank took the book back to the library before I had the chance to write down everything I needed to write the review. So I will just tell you that Scarlet moves from the states back to London to help run her late aunt Mim's Hat Shop. However from the beginning everything goes wrong. First there is a childhood friend who meets her at the airport instead of her sister Vic who has disappeared.  No one seems upset about this except Scarlet. One thing leads to another and this has to so far be my fun read of 2014.

Now to my excitement it will be 60 here on Sunday. The other excitement is I will soon be able to order and start a new cross stitch project this month. Of course it will be a heavenandearth one! I have one that is by Michele Sayetta titled Mad Hatter's Tea Party. I might start it but so far have not found the exact material big enough or budget minded enough so I may have to wait to start it and order another pattern to start, Terri and I will discuss my options when she returns to the office and blog etc... I think the quitting smoking incentive is this ----starting something new. I can't tell you how happy I am to have Terri back in the office and we always learn something from Terri's blogs and reviews. I love how we have a good blog balance.

Okay time for more coffee so I can have the clear mind I need to finish this project. Do you have a new project or new book that you are looking forward to this month?




  1. I'm reading Calculated in Death by J.D. Robb. One of these days I need to work on my next quilt project.

  2. I wrote this blog last week while Terri was out of the office. LOL


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