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Friday, March 14, 2014

Dancing with the Stars

Good Morning,

Today I thought we might do something fun. Below will be my list of people I would like to see be on Dancing With The Stars. Read mine and add your own. Since I am an author I am adding more than just stars and celebrities. After all Malice is coming up. LOL

1. Rachel Ray
2. Kelly Rippa
3. Tom Hanks
4. Janet Evonovich
5.Elaine Viets
6. Laura Levine
7. Duffy Brown
8. Julie Hyzy
9. Hank Philippi Ryan
10. Parnell Hall
11. Lee Goldberg
12. Joanne Fluke
13. Bailey Cates
14. JB Stanley
15. Monica Ferris
16. Heather Webber
17. Jill Churchill
18. Tim Myers
19. Jo Dereske
20. Victoria Laurie

Okay your turn today.


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