Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life After 50

I think my life change dramatically after fifty. Here are a few things I have learned about my life after fifty and so far this decade.

1. You are invisible to the younger generations.

2. Do not give your children advice. They don't want it or think they need it and really they can look anything up on Google so why bother. Plus they do not want to hear your wisdom and wit. This was a shocker for me but alas in my family I think they have lost respect for the older generation.

3. Don't ask questions of your grandchildren and about their lives. my grandparents always asked me questions and I took it like they cared about me and my life. My grandchildren think I am nosey and I don't need to know because they are very private people. But of course it is still okay to give gifts and show up to their events etc....

4. Have a sense of humor because even with bodily functions you are going to need it.

5. Life after fifty does give you the chance to start a new chapter in your life. You can have the time to do all those things you never had time for before fifty. if you want to wear your dress clothes all day at home who is going to care? I mean it's important to do what you want when you want. We get so used to living for others and can carry this over and never just let go and enjoy life!

6. Don't live in the past around your family. They either think you are going senile and besides what they don't know about the 60's and 70's they can look google it. They don't need your home spun stories.

7. Husbands have many more mood swings and yet they are always seem to be unmoved by life. LOL if you have been married for a long time and are over fifty you understand this one. I should have said "My husband"

8. Your friends are your family and their lives always look better than mine. LOL

9. Naps are important not a punishment.

10. Reward works for me. If I do the dishes I can read another chapter.

11. If you get mad at me I am rally not that curious as to why. Besides with my lack of memory I may very well have forgotten it.

12. To-do are important for many reasons.

Okay this just MY life but feel free to add more.....about your own life after fifty. I will say one word. FREE now I am FREE to be interesting.



  1. It is a surprise to see the 50s being regard as cold cases in books as those years are my teens. After 70 there are more life changes. The eighties are another story.

  2. Most of these remain true after 60 as well, with the addition of your body turning against you - so hang on to that sense of humor.

  3. Just you wait, your 60's are coming. LOL


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