Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: Forget Me Knot by Mary Marks

FORGET ME KNOT (A Quilting Mystery Series)  First in a new series
Author: Mary Marks
Paperback Edition

Martha Rose is a quilter and every Tuesday she meets with her best friends Lucy and Birdie. They are also quilters and darned good ones. They enter their quilts in shows, contest and are always there for each other. However, they are ready to add another quilter to their group. Claire is a younger quilter than the other three ladies as she is forty. Claire's quilts stand out and are the most beautiful and professional quilts in her category.

on this Tuesday they are expected at Claire's beautiful home. When they arrive they find Claire dead. This is not only disturbing and sad but Claire's quilts are also missing. Then the real mystery begins because not only is there a murderer on the loose but at the quilt show someone actually steals the quilts that Claire did have in the show and they steal Lucy, Birdie and Martha's quilts.

Why would anyone want to steal all of these quilts? Martha is asked by Claire's mother to find out why Claire was murdered and what happened to her quilts. Claire's father wants the matter dropped and soon it's more than quilts at stake. Martha's life is in danger as well as many family secrets come stumbling out of the closet.

Detective Arlo Beavers warns Martha to stay out of the investigation. She can't leave it alone and is even arrested.

Now Martha is mad but she is not going to play it safe especially when her own home is broken into so she tries to piece this murder together. Past and present will not stay buried. Martha Rose is a mother and she will not let another mother down.

In FORGET ME KNOT there is humor, mystery, quilts to die for.....Mary Marks knows her characters, she knows her quilts and she does murder with a deft of hand.

I loved this debut mystery series. I am looking forward to seeing what Martha Rose and her crime solving quilters are up to in the next book. That book is due out in November 2014.


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