Friday, March 7, 2014

Movie Review: The Heat

Movie: The HEAT
Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy

Katrina James is an FBI agent who wants a promotion in the worst way. Joyce Nelson is a street cop in a different city but when Katrina has to team up with Joyce a worse thing could happen she could've died. if she wants the promotion she has to learn to play nice with others.

Trouble is Joyce doesn't actually have a nice side. Soon they learn it's a man's world whether you're a good cop with a bad personality or an FBI agent who needs a promotion.

However things heat up with drug dealers, at Joyce's family dinner table, and the dynamite duo may break some rules but they prove there is more than one way to get on each other's nerves and still get the job done.

Joyce thinks Katrina's life is sad and pathetic. Katrina thinks Joyce could use lessons in well just about everything but mostly sensitivity training and fashion advice.

The Heat is funny and Russian Gangsters will wish they were dead when they meet up with these letters of the law. I won't say which letters....


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