Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review: The Sayers Swindle by Victoria Abbott

Author; Victoria Abbott
A book collector Mystery Series

Jordan Bingham, has the best job in the world. She works for Vera Van Alst and very is the only glitch to her job. Vera is cranky on a good day.  When Vera's complete set of Dorothy Sayers Mysteries become missing. She wants them back and she wants them back yesterday.

Well aware with this new assignment that she is on the clock. Jordan turns to her friend Karen. Karen deals in real books and the glitch is that Karen has a head injury that effects her memory.
However Karen remembers she sold the books to a collector and eventually they end up at the home of Randolph Adams. They once again hit a snag he not only doesn't want to part with the books but his memory is also almost as bad as his family. BUT all is not lost because Karen has a book she would like to trade him for the Sayers Collection.
Things turn a little scary and a lot funky when the who family disappears. a cop tries to befriend Jordan, in her family this might be a fate worse than death.
Then murder and more strangers turn pretty soon even Jordan's friends start to act stranger than fiction.

All I can say is that this series keeps getting better and better. Not only am I emotionally invested in the characters but the plot twist are remarkable. Not only that but the whole plot is believable and this series has topped my must- read list.
Don't miss this series and rush to get THE SAYERS SWINDLE. I do not care if you get it at the library, amazon or your local bookstore just get a copy and read it ASAP.


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