Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Morning

Okay I have been living under a rock. So will somebody please tell me what is going on with amazon and our top authors? I know I should have paid more attention but last week  I was very tired.

Authors tell us what you know and think of this topic today.
Also someone asked me last week if I was wearing something in my hair that day. I hadn’t so far that day but put a headband in after this question was asked.

Now of course I want to know what everyone is reading? 

I am reading MURDER YOUR DARLINGS which is a mystery series by JJ Murphy and Darlings is referred to as manuscripts. It is about Dorothy Parker and the alongorian round table of authors. Southern newcomer young man Billy Faulkner (William) has been accused of murder. Dorothy knows better and so the authors, editors etc….will prove the cops wrong.


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