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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: A Skeleton in the Family by Leigh Perry


By Leigh Perry

After accepting a job as an adjunct professor at the local college. Georgia Thackery and her daughter temporarily move into her parent home. It’s been vacant for a while as her parents are on sabbatical out of the country. Madison and Georgia have at least a year before they are to return.

 The trouble starts when Sid who lives in the attic and has lived in the attic since saving Georgia’ life when she was six years old at a carnival from a very scary man. He came to live with Georgia and her family because they were so grateful he saved their daughter. Sid doesn’t remember much about his murder or his past.

However when he see a woman in a crowd he knows she is a woman from his past and is very important to him. The real problem is that the woman is murdered before she can answer any questions. This would have been bad enough but put together with the fact they do not know Sid’s real name or where his skeleton comes from and the hunt it on.

There are numbers in skull so that is where the hunt begins but it ends up being a twist road to the truth of who Sid is, why he was murdered and when other happenings occur like their house being broken into and a close friend being hit in the back of the head. Time feels as though it’s running out. Even though Sid is dead it appears someone is trying to conceal the truth and they will stop at nothing to accomplish their task.

What a fun and great read in this series. I dragged reading this book out because I enjoyed it so much and really Sid I am in love with already and to tell you the truth I couldn’t enjoy a mystery more.



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  1. This series has new on TBR list for a long time too many books to read.