Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: Tagged for Death by Sherry Harris

Title: TAGGED FOR DEATH (A Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery)
Author: Sherry Harris
Paperback: ISBN-12: 978-1-61773-017-7
Price: 7.99

Sarah Winston is starting her life over. At age thirty-eight she is no longer a military wife. When her ex-husband has a fling with a nineteen year old. Sarah moves out but still stays in the same area just off base.

However her whole married life has been that of a military wife. She has friends and people who will vouch for her to be on base. She helps with the thrift shop, garage sales and many other things.

Sarah and her friend go to tag sales. After taking a friend to tag sales all over the Ellington Massachusetts area she returns home with many bags of things to sort, tag and maybe keep a few things. The problem arises the next morning when she finds a bag of bloody shirts that belong to her ex-husband.

Then the more drastic concern is what has happened to Tiffany the nineteen year old CJ is seeing. Tiffany has disappeared. Sarah tries to stay busy but when she discovers a body on the acres the thrift shop sits on and when they arrest CJ for murder.

Sarah thinks CJ is a lot of things but he isn't a murderer. Life gets complicated has more issues and another death come to light.

TAGGED FOR MURDER by Sherry Harris is everything you want in a cozy mystery. It's also true another persons junk is someone else's treasure. Don't miss this wonderful first in the series.


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