Monday, January 5, 2015

Pamela's Top Ten books for 2014

As promised here is my 2014 list of my top ten books. I will do a another list of runner up's this week. Now some of the book have already been returned to the library so I couldn't get detailed.
1. The Yard (I forgot the name of the author but it's the first in the series. There is a Scotland Yard Murder Squad that forms after Jack The Ripper. Nice historical start that hits the right mark on character, plot and history.

2. Twelve Clues Of Christmas by Rhys Bowen this is a wonderful historical cozy series. I think this book sparkles.

3. Christmas Carol Murder by Leslie Meier What a great cozy to read at Christmas or in the winter. Lucy Stone takes on a mortae company plus is in a Christmas Play and her daughter moves out. I want to add these are only a few of the highlights.

4. Ophelia Wylde Series by Max McCoy I can't say enough about this historical series. Ophelia dreams and when she does all hell breaks loose. She knows how to be a detective and often works with a bounty hunter. This series is one of the best of the best historical series.

5.TheSayer Swindle by Victoria Abbott all I have to say is "If you haven't read this series you very well are missing out on one of the best cozy series on today's market." This book in the series ha me hooked from the first line.

6.Forget Me Knot Murder by Mary Hart for anyone who likes quilts, loves quilting and has friends must read this series. Definitely cozy but add adventure and interesting characters.

7. Mrs. Jefferies and the Merry Gentlemen. As always this book in the series does not fail and is a wonderful Christmas historical cozy.

8. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith Okay this is my book find of the year. Not only a great detective story but the characters are witty, unique, interesting and the plot is much more layered than your average detective novel. Also Robert Galbraith is the pen name for JK Rowlings.

9. The Skeleton Takes A Bow by Leigh Perry I have to say this is the most entertaining series that I have ever read. Sid the family skeleton is a wonderful character, as are Georgia and her teenage daughter Madison. In this one Sid is going to be in the play Hamlet.

10. Ghost Gone Wild by Carolyn Hart in this one there is a huge problem. Bailey Ruth Evans thinks that Wiggins her boss from Heaven's Department of Good Intentions has sent her to Adelaide, Oklahoma to save Nick Magruder but while Nick needs saving it wasn't Wiggins who sent her but instead Nick's Aunt Dee. Bailey Ruth has no way to disappear or even change into lothes. From there the plot takes an interesting turn. Aunt Dee and Bailey Ruth need to et along long enough to help Nick and solve murder.

Okay this is my top ten.



  1. You sure made my week! Glad you like Sid. He loves you!

    Toni "Leigh Perry" Kelner

  2. Thanks for all of the great books for me to check out for 2015.

  3. Mary,
    Happy to help. I really enjoyed all ten and I have to say I am looking forward to reading more book by each author.


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