Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review: By Book or By Crook by Eva Gates

Title: By BOOK or by CROOK
First in a new cozy series (A LIGHTHOUSE LIBRARY

Lucy Richardson left her cushy job of rare literature at the Harvard Library in Boston. Boston happens to be where most of her family lives which was more the reason why she needed to leave Boston and her future husband is the last reason she left Boston. She didn't want to marry him so she visits her Aunt Ellen in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the rest is history.
She is now assistant librarian at the Bodie Lighthouse Library on Bodie Island.

This month they are honoring Jane Austen Novels and have the rare books locked up in a cabinet. All manners of events are happening but the books are priceless. When one of the books is stolen at the grand opening of such an event this is a tragedy. When the library board president is found murdered it becomes all too real that someone might be a bit too much of a Jane Austen fan and not enough of a library fan.

Lucy lives on the second floor of the lighthouse library in her small apartment. She loves her career, her apartment and the best thing about the library is Charles the cat.  When strange things start happening Lucy isn't as spooked but when another Jane Austen Book is stolen then she gets downright mad.

This beautifully written cozy mystery with a setting to die for and any mystery lovers dream job is perfect reading for a summer, spring rain afternoon, deep in winter or the swirl of fall leaves.
A compelling mystery with interesting characters and I look forward to reading the next book in this delightful new series.

Eva Gates has penned a beacon of fun and I can't wait to read how te next plot thickens in this series.

Pamela *********

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