Monday, March 23, 2015

Review - Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsey

On Valentine's day 1900, young women from an Australian boarding school go on a picnic at the Hanging Rock.  3 Girls and a teacher disappear mysteriously.  A week later, a young man finds one of the girls on a ledge with no memory of the events.  

I had originally seen the movie based on this novel a few years ago and really enjoyed it.  It was a great mystery with no resolution and a hint that maybe something otherworldy may have occurred.  A pink mist, what may be visions or dreams, lack of any sign of the girls...these are all things that provide an atmosphere of the possibility of paranormal goings on.

And yet, the place was full of caves and crevices and certainly could have had a natural explanation for the disappearances.

The author says in the book that it doesn't matter whether it is based on a true story or not which I thought was amusing.  And the truth is, it doesn't.  The tale itself is very satisfying.


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