Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Morning

Good Morning,

My Friday is starting better than the whole week was for me. First everyone stay safe this weekend. Second I hope you have something or someone to smile about this weekend.

My weekend plans are to wait out the storms and rain which they now say will stop Saturday afternoon. Great news for southeast Kansas and I hope to be able to walk, work in the yard but my main goals this weekend are to cross stitch. I have neglected my stitching and well it is showing by way of my grumpy moments.

On a positive note: THE WOLFE WIDOW was great to read, as was COVER STORY  both excellent books to pull me through my grumpy moments.

Now Aunt Dimity and THE WISHING WELL is giving me cozy moments.

Truth be told I will also be doing my homework on my historical mystery this weekend. I think this weekend will be the turning point that maybe by Monday I might be able to start the first chapter. If this the case that will be great but I do have a lot of work ahead of me to make that happen. Today will definitely bring it's challenges in this area but well worth it.

Once again I have to add that Nancy Cohen is a blessing her book is working miracles. I m working through the blocks and having the time of my life, even though my brain hurts.

I will also send author inquiry this weekend for blog interviews. As I write I must sit down this morning and make my weekend list of to-do things.

Okay off to refill my coffee cup and get this day started.


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