Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Reading Slump

Are you in a reading slump? Well I have the cure. Below are a list of books and that will start May Blooming Mysteries and add magic and mayhem  in your garden. To add a little something to my list I will give title a flower rating.

1. A SEAMLESS MURDER by MELISSA BOURBON (Since it's magical and filled with a mix of new and old fashion) I will give this one a Lilac scent and flower.

2. THE SKELETON TAKES A BOW by LEIGH PERRY (Since this is skeleton mystery and a lot has to do with seeking the truth) then I give one the flower of Mums. Mums the word, secrets and bones.

3. LIE OF THE NEEDLE by CATE PRICE This one is about preserving the past, having fun in the present and needlework to die for are all part of this delightful series. I will give this one the floral title of Iris. Because whether the truth lies in the eye of the needle or is standing right in front of you it's beauty is never forgotten. There is a fine art to murder just like there is a photo that will never leave your memory.

Enough for now but I will resume this in a few days with each title carrying a beautiful flower for the month of May and I hope everyone had a merry May Day.

One more thing I will give our Malice Convention an Orchid because Nero Wolfe would love and nourish this enriching convention. So would Rex Stout his creator.


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