Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Review: Twisted Threads by Lea Wait

Author: LEA WAIT
Large type hardback mystery series

Angie Curtis returns to her hometown Harbor Haven, Maine.  A decade has went by but Angie's grandmother calls her home when they find the body her mother. Raised by her grandmother and having to live with speculations about her mother's reputation and murder, Angie was more than happy to move away and work for a Private Detective.
Now a decade later she wants to solve her mother's murder, she has to help her grandmother (Charlotte) find the man who ran off with the money that was supposed to go to the business (Mainely Needlepointers), a group who built the business up from nothing to a real business.

Angie wants to bury her mother, help her grandmother's business and find the murderer who took away her innocent childhood.
Now that it is a cold case she has her work cut out for her but Angie is no quitter.

TWISTED THREADS is a stunningly great first book in the series. There is something for everyone in this cozy series. Angie is a strong protagonist and she makes sense. A smart savvy and totally engaging first in a series that is sure to be one of the best books of 2015.
I give the book a ten out of ten. Lea Wait has penned and proved she is adept in her mystery element.


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