Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review: Snow White Lies by Sarah J Pepper

The book mostly takes place in the present but is rooted in the stories of The Huntsman and dwarves in past flashbacks.

There is magic, explosions, scandals, betrayals, and a lot of darkness as well as humor in the story. A very modern re-telling of a classic. And while I absolutely LOVED the author's Alice in Wonderland re-telling in Death of a Mad Hatter, this one left me a bit scattered with questions I didn't find were fully answered.  I think I got lost in my head a few times and that distracted me from the story.

I loved the characters of Snow and The Huntsman and some of the dwarves really engaged me, the Queen was not as much as an evil presence as I maybe would have liked. But it was quite imaginative and I do like being taken to other places with these re-tellings. This one just wasn't my favorite.


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