Monday, June 8, 2015

Good Morning

Good Morning,

I had a wonderful weekend. It could have been a little more smoothly but it turned out to be a great weekend.
I didn't finish reading a book. I didn't get the chance to cross stitch. I did nap a lot. The kids and grand kids didn't show up or call to cancel so we had plenty of chili dogs and chocolate cupcakes. That's okay as I took the neighbors chocolate cupcakes. LOL

We also bought me a new to me car. Frank knows a lady and long story short, Tuesday night I pick up a 2002 Gallant it's Mitzibishi

(sure the spellings are wrong) and the color is Mother Of Pearl. LOL....

I still have vertigo so I won't drive it but around town until my vertigo clears up. My birthday is July 2nd so it's my birthday present from Frank. This car was a really good deal and it is in mint condition. If not I would have told him to save his money.

Anyway then my other son called. He invited me to the baby shower for their son Bennett who will make his arrival the end of august. Anyway the shower theme will be story books and there will be things like green eggs and ham quiche other foods from fairy tales. The nursery will be done in music theme. I don't know if I will attend or not July 18th but I was very shocked by the phone call.

I have started the Charles Todd Book, almost done with Clam Wake by Mary Daheim, half done with Aunt Dimity and the Wish Well.

Sent out some author interviews and inquiries.

Today I start writing the book.....

Update us what's happening in your life. Oh I did watch The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers.

Keep it cozy,

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