Friday, June 5, 2015

Pam's Library Trip

Well I am a couple of days behind on things. So when the library loan lady called and said I had a book in, I didn't rush out the door.

However I did go to the library tonight. The book was by Maggie King, MURDER at the BOOK GROUP. I m excited to read this book.

While there I happen to see another Aunt Dimity Book, so I had to have it AUNT DIMITY & the SUMMER KING, well as was on my way back to the counter I happen to see A FINE SUMMER'S DAY by Charles Todd, this is an Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery but as I looked to the back cover I noticed there is a Bess Crawford Series. I don't think my library has that series. I want to interview the mother and son writing team. Would love to find a copy of the Bess Crawford series and I will probably have to locate another Rutledge book in the series.

I love it when visiting the library is like eating Lays Potato Chips and you can't just checkout one book. LOL



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