Saturday, June 27, 2015

My birthday Box

My birthday box from Terri arrived today. Well she knows me very well as she sent me a Red Apron with a Skull on it in black . Pictures will be taken later. She also sent me a watch to die for and books.
Maggie King, Duffy Brown and Charles Todd so those should keep me out of trouble.
It is pretty warm today. Our temp is only 82 but it is humid.

How is your Saturday? I have sent interviews to authors, made author inquiries.

Tonight we are having tacos. What's for supper?

As you can see I am thrilled I can post and send to the blog all by myself.
You might as well know I am computer challenged.
Oh I can hardly wait for our readers see some of the interviews we have lined up.
Although all of the interviews we have posted really wonderful.
Okay off here for now.

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