Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review: Don't Go Home by Caroline G Hart


(Death On Demand Mystery Series)

Max has left home for a week. He's on a trip with buddies, fishing and having a wonderful break.
Annie Darling has a little more "me" time and hasn't decided what to do with her free time. That is until a knock at the door of "Death On Demand Bookstore" changes everything.
Alex Griffith wrote a bestselling novel and Annie always tries to never run out of copies of his books. He was raised on Broward's Rock.
When Rae Griffith knocks on the unopened door of Death On Demand and wants Annie to host a book signing for the famous author Alex Griffith, Annie agrees. This will be great and keep her mind off Max's away trip.

What she didn't know is that Alex planned on writing a sequel to DON'T GO HOME and that it will reveal secrets. Tons of secrets, some long buried, some in his own family and he Alex doesn't care who doesn't like the idea.
However, Annie does and she decides against having anything to do with the lecture, signing etc.....

Secrets hit to close to home for Annie when Alex is murdered and the suspect list is almost as long as the population of Broward's Rock. Among the list of things to hide is reporter Marian Kenyon and Annie refuses not to help Marian.

The thing is she had promised Max no more snooping. Annie never breaks a promise to Max and her trio of help are on a cruise. She is pretty much on her own and when more murders happen she knows it's up to her and Marian to get to the bottom of the murders.
DON'T GO HOME gets a *********** star review. I loved this book and all of it's shadows.


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