Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review: Clam Wake by Mary Daheim


It's January and the fish are biting but they are biting for Bill and Joe in another country. New Zealand and off Bill and Joe go on an adventure.

Little do Cousin Renie and Judith realize that they are about to embark on an adventure of their own.
Auntie Vance and Uncle Vince are called away to help an ailing relative and they need someone to house sit on Obsession Shores. Judith could use the down time and Renie could complete her work assignment there as anywhere. So off they go and Auntie Vance has left them stocked with homemade clam chowder, beef noodle bake, homemade desserts and life will be wonderful.

However, the waters become choppy when they discover a dead man on the beach. There is talk of gold coins, water rights, land rights, more than a few odd neighbors. Plus everyone's winter hobby is drinking and lots of it.

Auntie Vance did not warn them of the danger that Obsession Shores hold. As the fog thickens so does the plot and this time the secrets and lies hit a little too close to home for Judith and Renie.

I give this witty, wise and mouth watering mystery an nine out of ten stars.


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