Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review: The Wolfe Widow by Victoria Abbott

(A Book Collector Mystery Series)
Hardcover Library Book)

A rare moment occurred someone dared knock on Vera Van Alst's front door. She doesn't receive visitors, Muriel Delgado wasn't to be turned away which is what Jordan Bingham would loved to have done. Instead Vera's receives her and when the meeting is over Muriel is in and Jordan is fired. Tossed out and never to return.

This doesn't set well with Jordan and she wants to know why she was fired but more importantly why Muriel is there all moved and what she has on Vera but when Jordan is hit by a car while trying to investigate then she must rely on her uncles to help with the investigations.
Ten when Jordan finds out that Muriel is trying to sell off the Nero Wolfe Collection book by Jordan knows that Muriel is pure evil.
Vera would never allow this to happen as Vera's fondness for the books is sentimental. It's one of the rare things Vera and her father shared an she wouldn't part with one book of that collection.

Tim is running out and Jordan knows it's only a matter of time before Vera is met with an untimely death.

THE WOLFE WIDOW is priceless one of the best books in this series. Victoria Abbott really claims hr fame in this one!
************ I give it 12 stars out of 10, yes that's right the book and series is that good.

Pamela James

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