Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review: Played by the Book by Lucy Arlington

Title: PLAYED by the BOOK:

Lila Watkins is considered by everyone but her "The Murder magnet." She is not thrilled but is less than thrilled to find a skull in the bushes in her backyard.
Bentley her boss has a new idea. When Bentley has an idea she doesn't expect anything to go wrong.
This time it's Damian York, who is a hometown boy all grown up. To launch his new gardening book Bentley wants Lila To add her backyard to the garden club contest tour. Damian is to be the judge.
However things start to pile up and soon everything and everyone is spread thin.
at home Lila's mother decides to stay a few days and her son has his own problems.

PLAYED by the BOOK, is not only wonderful but the characters, series and setting are interesting enchanting with a touch of flavor.
Not only is the whole series fun to read but you will enjoy every page turning moment.
I give this review a *********** star review.

Pamela James
Mayhem & Magic.

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