Friday, August 21, 2015

An Interview with Cross Stitcher Crystal Toller

An Interview with Crystal Toller
by Pamela James

MM2: Crystal can you remember the first cross stitch project that you ever completed? How long ago was it and how did you discover cross stitch?

I do not know what I stitched although I am sure it was religious because I was a teenager and it was at vacation bible school one summer.

MM2: Do you have a favorite cross stitch piece?

I had one piece I did with Christmas lights all tangled up and it said all strung up at Christmas.  I really loved that piece but do not know where it is now.
MM2: What has cross stitch taught you about life? What has life taught you about cross stitch? 

Cross stitch has taught me to not take things so seriously, just relax.  Life has taught me that cross stitch is a vital part of my life and who i am.

MM2: Give us a ballpark figure on how many projects you have completed?

Probably about 20-25 overall.

MM2: Do you always have a project with you to cross stitch? 

Not always. Sometimes I take a book and sometimes I take cross stitch but it is definitely one or the other.

MM2: What are your future cross stitch plans?

Basically stitch some of the patterns in magazines I have and stitch some things for my son since he supports my stitching hobby and loves what i stitch.

MM2: Now take a look at some cross stitch sites and tell us some of the patterns you would love to add to your wishlist?  

I really want to add some Heaven and Earth Designs.  I have just recently learned that they are usually only cross stitches and so want to do some of those.  Would love to also get the Leisure Arts Mini Christmas Book 1 and 2 that I saw on a website.

MM2: Is there a gift of cross stitch that someone stitched for you that you just love?

Eryn Raymond recently stitched  me a Fourth of July pillow and I just love it. 

MM2: I know you work a lot and your days off rotate but you always seem to be able to cross stitch. So when do you get the most cross stitch done?

Usually in the evenings when watching sports.

MM2: Being a single mother has it's challenges and rewards. You seem to be able to share your life and love of stitching with your son. So does he have a favorite project you have stitch or are stitching for him?

He  loves trains.  I have stitched 1 train design for him.  I would love to find a book of train designs to stitch for him.

MM2: In closing tell us about some of your favorite designers?  

I am not really familiar with specific designers I don't think but do like a lot of the little lace patterns that are put out by Designs for the Needle.


  1. Crystal - I love the Cheetah you did for my Birthday!

  2. Crystal,
    I love the plantation you are doing and yes I loved what you did for Terri, you're a great stitcher.


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