Monday, August 31, 2015

Review: Archie in the Crosshairs by Robert Goldsborough

Hard Back Mystery Series; Large Print
ISBN: 978-1-62899-662-3

Archie Goodwin has final won at his weekly poker game. Feeling too good to spend money on a cab he walks home from the game. When he reaches Nero Wolfe's brownstone a sedan rounds the corner an fires at Archie. The meaning is clear. Next time they won't miss.
Baffled and a little shaken Archie reports to Nero what happened.
Soon after a mystery caller calls and tell Nero he is after him by way of Archie. he will kill Archie, the dynamic duo intricately go through all of their past cases. They call in Saul Panzer, Lon Cohen and Fred Dirkin the help.
Meanwhile  young woman calls because she is being blackmailed. She want Archie and Nero to take the case. They do take the case and soon there is arrangements for a payoff drop off. Archie will drop the case full of money at a certain location at night. His pals will cover him and just as he drops the case bullets are fired and Archie is shot. Nobody retrieves the case but the person suspected of ordering the hit on Archie is killed. Not by any of Archie's buddies.
Then later they find out the brownstone's living room (which anyone hardly uses), has two bullet shots. Long ago after another harrowing case they installed bullet proof glass. Although nothing will stop someone who is trying to murder you.

ARCHIE CAUGHT IN THE CROSSHAIRS is vintage Wolfe and I am happy to report Robert Goldsborough has nailed the atmosphere, vintage setting and the characters. I love this series and he is the perfect one to keep it going and we fans are all the better for it.
I give this one ten stars out of ten stars.

Pamela James (who is a very happy reader tonight). Kuddos to Goldsborough

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