Monday, August 31, 2015


TITLE: THE LONGEST YARD SALE-A Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery
Cozy/Mystery Series.
Paperback Series: Page count 344

Sarah Winston had no idea how successful her biggest event would be. The problem is while it is the largest yard sale in Ellington, Massachusetts history it is also pictured in drama.
First Sarah and her ex-husband CJ Winston have a difference of opinion of the huge sale. After all CJ is the Ellington Chief Of Police and he has to add more officers to do traffic, deal with parking and well just about everything.
When there are four fires that happen while the sales are going on which is bad enough nobody would have thought that stolen art was in the time frame.
Next of course is murder and I mean someone is trying to frame Sarah's best friend Carol for murder. Carol is an artist. Her shop and studio is not only a wreck but a dead man is found dead in the classroom behind the store. The body has  his face framed.
So much for Sarah's bright idea but then people start showing up and all are suspect. The library's painting is worth a lot o money.
Now we enter Seth the local District Attorney who definitely sets Sarah's hormones on fire.
Returning to CJ who clearly wants Sarah back you have a love triangle that even Sarah wants to run from but there is nowhere to turn. At least not until she sorts out her feelings and finds out who is framing her friend for murder.
Are we done yet? Nope because there ends up being another murder. The base Charity shop has a new person running the shop and well all is not what it seems. Things are in need of being tracked down.
Okay then we have a mobbed up art collector, more cheating spouses and boyfriends. Sarah is also busy tracking down the right items to place in Seth's new home. He hired her to redo his new place. At least this keeps her hands busy while head and heart are working overtime on the two men in her life.
THE LONGEST YARD SALE by Sherry Harris, is absolutely getting your money's worth.
Sherry knows  thing or two about the price of murder.
Don't miss this new  series. THE LONGEST YARD SALE is the second book in the series.
I have so much fun reading this series. I am always inspired to get rid of more our junk. In other words in all ways this mystery is a winner.
Pamela James I give this one another ten out of ten.
Pamela James

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