Tuesday, September 1, 2015


ISBN 978-0-425-26560-4
Paperback page count 287

Jane Steward has full week. Valentine's Day isn't far off and neither is Regency Authors Retreat that will be so fabulous none of the fans will want to go home.
Someone obviously didn't read the schedule because there wasn't supposed to be room for murder.
Rosamund York is famous, writes fabulous Regency novels and has more enemies than she can count.
Storyton Hall is the perfect place for her to retreat to her room and write. Nestled in a valley in western Virginia there is the very small town some call it more of a village.
Part of the fun and intrigue of Storyton Hall is the manor that has many rooms. Some have been cornered off as apartments and Jane loves her cottage on the property.
For a while Jane has lived a double life. She has to sons Finn and Hem both boys named after the literary figures Hemingway and Fitzgerald. The boys love Storyton Hall and they also love horseback riding, reading and learning new lessons in many variety. Mostly they adore their mother and allowance day!
But this February they are in awe of all the people who are attending Roamncing The Reader Event. This also covers contest such has which man will win the coveted male cover model contest.
Even though Rosamund is dead they all try to carry on as usual but Jane takes personal offense at the romance author's murder.
Very few people know the secrets of Storyton Hall but Jane does, she know all of the hidden rooms, nooks and crannies and where all of the cameras are hidden.
If only someone had captured a picture of the murder's face. When another murder happens this is getting to be a bit much and Jane fears if she doesn't do something quick this will be the last retreat for anyone.
With time running out Jane has to embrace her role has protector of everyone, every book and guest. She hopes all of her training to this point will help her when the time comes to use her skills because above all instinct tells her that the skills will be used.
MURDER in the PAPERBACK PARLOR BY ELLERY ADAMS has me wanting to live at Storyton Hall. Or t least in the village.
For fear of giving away too much of the plot. I cannot delve too strongly into events and characters. I can say that this is one of the bet mystery series on The New York Times Bestseller List. It's mixes old and new worlds where hats, white gloves and computers provide every insight. However this retreat doesn't want anyone with cell phones, computers or any other electronics because Regency Readers need to ask in the era on all fronts.
I give this series and this book a ten out of ten. The cover makes me wish for winter, hot cocoa and a room filled with books like the library on the cover.
Come sit a spell and embrace Storyton Hall.
Pamela James

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